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I remember picking up a mysterious object in a field as my mother walked me home from nursery school. That event, captured in the following excerpt from my longer poem, partly shaped my destiny—to be a writer.

In primordial time I
four years old found
amid sodsmelling grass
a tan stick, manmade,
swirled black pattern
luminous, portending.

It’s a fountain pen, you said,
to write on paper with,
bought a squat bottle,
levered up black ink, and scribed
a magic line direct from mind
to dancing hand.

Let me! I shouted, wanting only
to curl that script out of myself . . .

Fifty years later, in Hong Kong, I was riveted by a marble floor tile in an office building lobby, wild as a Pollock or Kandinsky, that suggested the tangled pathways by which I have fulfilled that destiny. I cordially invite you to explore them on this site.

swirl and tree branches