The Golden SpiderThe Golden Spider (2012) – 176 pages;
$3.99 Kindle/$7.99 paper

A fantasy/science fiction novel created primarily for children aged 9-14, The Golden Spider, rich in story and vocabulary, is also a good read for older kids and adults who like this genre. The cosmic battle of good versus evil and life against death plays out in the adventures of Jeremy Taylor, his friends Sandy and Zack, his wise and telepathic cat, and the golden alien who leads them on a cosmic journey. Together, they battle a wily and titanic dragon in search of a sacred book that contains the key to Earth’s salvation.




Morning and Begin AgainMorning and Begin Again (2012) – 186 pages;
$9 Kindle/$13 paper

In Morning and Begin Again, the poems are grouped according to life's great themes: childhood, love, transience, depression, nature, places lived in and visited, and remembrances of loved ones lost. The overall theme is death and rebirth, in both inner and outer life. These poems are not obscure or abstract conceptual puzzles, but rather are grounded in remembered and imagined events and tell stories about living: its depths and shallows, whelms and hollows. The goal is, through image and sound, to involve and move readers, to power and intensify their lives by enabling them to share in the poet's most potent and fascinating experiences.





Animal SongsAnimal Songs (2010) – 140 pages; $14.00

Exploring animals as creatures in their own right and as metaphors for the human experience, these 71 poems range in tone from foreboding to comical. With over 50 original illustrations by an accomplished artist and a full-color original cover, Animal Songs will set your mind humming with ideas and images and will make an appealing gift for lovers of animals and poetry alike.

Watch Dan read from Animal Songs. (Video)



The Pitch is on the Way, Dan LiberthsonThe Pitch is on the Way: Poems About Baseball and Life (2008) – 112 pages; $13.00

How does it feel to love, play, and watch baseball as a kid and as an adult? After a Foreword by Peter Magowan, ex-President of the SF Giants, 50 poems and 21 professional illustrations depict the players and the plays; the challenges of each position; the ups and downs of hitting and fielding; the role of support staff like umpires and coaches; and baseball's fabled history.

Hear Garrison Keillor read the poem “Child’s Play” from “The Pitch is on the Way” on The Writer’s Almanac program from August 30, 2012.




Famil Album

A Family Album (2006) – 144 pages; $17.00

Darkly humorous and sharply perceptive poems describe the joys and sorrows of a second-generation Jewish childhood with perfectionist parents and a schizophrenic child. Verbal portraits of eccentric relatives abound in this tale of the losses and small triumphs of a family under siege by mental illness. Includes 23 family album photos and expressive graphic designs and 2 CDs of the author (a trained actor) reading all the poems.